Providing outstanding services is paramount to any lending company. Now that consumer behaviors shift, it’s important for lending companies to look for ways to innovate and meet the demands of their customers. This is where technology comes in handy.

In the past several years, banks, credit unions and other lending companies have incorporated web and mobile technologies in their operations. Taking a similar step towards improving loan processes will also help make things easier for customers.

So, how do you improve the loan approval process in your lending company?

Take a look at these points!

Go paperless and switch to digital documents

One of the things that make the loan approval process difficult for many lending companies is the fact that the application is still done manually. This means that borrowers still have to fill out application forms instead of going through a completely digital process. A paper-based loan process has several disadvantages. For one, the copying and sending of documents entails costs. There could also be delays in the delivery of the paperwork. By going paperless and switching to digital documents, you won’t have to worry about these things.

Automating the loan application process will ensure that all relevant information is captured. No risk of losing any paperwork. Instead of taking several days, documents will be received in a matter of minutes. It also ensures accurate processing of a higher number of loan applications. In the end, it will all result in a more efficient and reliable loan approval process.

Integrate data

Loan origination, for many lending companies, still involves a series of manual steps. The processes usually require logging into multiple systems. This causes delays in the processing and decision making. To make more accurate and more informed lending decisions, it would be a better idea if lending companies could eliminate the manual steps in their processes. They can use integration in accessing relevant customer data instead.

Taking this step would bring a number of benefits to lending companies. This includes greater accuracy and efficiency in loan processing. It will also help your company make faster decisions when it comes to loan applications. This way, you can refocus human expertise on more important tasks.

Analyze processes using modern analytic tools

Traditional systems used in many lending companies make it difficult to analyze processes. However, with the application of modern analytic tools, it is a lot easier for your lending company to identify trends, areas for improvement and come up with better solutions. Modern analytic systems can help your lending company gain insight into the specifics of your processes. They will help you better understand the factors affecting your performance. This will help you identify and eliminate the process steps that are no longer relevant. Analytic systems also make monitoring productivity easier so you know the areas to improve for better results.


One of the most important steps lending companies take when processing loan applications is the credit check. Credit checks make up a huge chunk of the lenders’ decisions whether or not to approve a loan application. And because it is critical in the decision-making process of loan approval, this step should be done with 100 percent accuracy. The good news is that accessing credit report data can now be made easier and more efficient with Laser Credit Access. Laser Credit Access can help improve your workflow by eliminating irrelevant and time-consuming steps from the credit report process. It means that you won’t have to leave Salesforce because the credit report data you need are all part of the Salesforce record.

With Laser Credit Access, they guarantee accuray because it eliminates the risk of error when it comes to transferring credit data. It also helps reduce the time it takes to review a consumer’s credit report. In the end, the efficiency of your entire loan approval process improves.

One excellent way to reduce the time and costs of the loan approval process is to adapt to modern technological systems such as Salesforce. Learn more about the benefits your lending company can earn from Laser Credit Access by visiting our website.