The Simplest Way To Access Credit Report Data In Salesforce

LASER Credit Access Creates A Seamless Integration From Your To The Industry Leading Providers Of Credit Data. Experian, Equifax or TransUnion Or One Of Almost 40 CRA’s. Including MeridianLink, CBCInnovis And Factual Data.

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You’ll be amazed at how much LASER Credit Access can improve your workflow by removing many time-consuming tasks from the credit report process.


Now you can access your credit report provider without leaving salesforce.
You can check a box or build a process into your workflow to run in the background.
Either way, you are only seconds away from the credit report data
being a part of the Salesforce record.

No More

  • Logging into a separate website
  • Re-typing name, address, social security, number
  • Having to save the credit report somewhere
  • Review the credit report for the data you need
  • Copying and pasting information to use in decisions

With LASER Credit Access

  • Eliminate the errors of transferring the credit data or missing items all together
  • Significantly reduce the time to review the credit report
  • Credit data is a permanent part of the Salesforce Record

Improve your workflow by removing time-consuming tasks from your credit reporting process.