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with LASER Credit Access

you can download accurate, comprehensive, and customizable credit reports in seconds that seamlessly integrate with Salesforce or Salesforce Financial Services Cloud. Whether you’re a Salesforce Consultant, CRA, or a direct user, we can accelerate your success by fully automating the credit reporting and decisioning process!

How are you accessing consumer and business credit report data in Salesforce®?

Without LASER Credit Access

The average time to run a credit report is



And then you have to…

Leave Salesforce® and go to the credit provider’s website

Manually enter the information to run the search

Download the information required to run the search with downloads scattered among employee hard drives

Manually review and enter the information into Salesforce®, being at risk for errors

With LASER Credit Access

  • Automate the credit download credit reports process to run in 10 seconds
  • Seamlessly integrate reports with Salesforce® and the other tech you need
  • download credit reports both soft and hard reports and guarantees accurate information
  • Customizes reporting so you feel confident in your decsion making
  • Scale with you as your business grows
  • Handle the entire process from implementation to integration and beyond
  • Provide ultra-responsive customer service

50+ Five-Star Reviews

“We use LASER Credit Reports with their LASER Business report, and together can automatically decision loans and present the data in a meaningful and powerful way for credit memos.”

-Chris, Digital Bank Founder

“What I love about this app is how we’ve been able to apply multiple business rules to Download the right report at the right time using the right credentials. I can then take the output, transform it, and use it to make real decisions.”

-Rudy, Chief Technology Officer

“We have access to all of the data to run reports from the custom object. Extremely prompt in answering any questions and in implementing any changes we request. It has been a pleasant experience working with LASER Credit”

-Valery, Director

“This product makes Downloading credit and tracking it super easy! This tracks the information you need to underwrite loan requests and puts data in easy to understand terms. This system is easy to learn and access data to streamline our loan processes!”

-Allen, Vice President

“Great Product; Top Notch Support! We couldn’t be any happier with the product. This app is essential to our business. You won’t find better support anywhere else.”

-David, Equipment Financier

“Great App with even better Support! We use this App daily to Download customer credits and it runs smooth. You can’t beat the service and support they provide to their customers! Highly recommend!”

-Taylor, Business Development Manager

“LASER Credit Access delivers on their promises. The tool has been a staple of our business as an independent direct lender. The initial installs are straight forward. The product itself once installed is easily manipulated for your best use case.”

-Nick, Chief Technology Officer

“Most Reliable Tool and Team I’ve Ever Come Across. The tool is absolutely incredible, easy to install, reliable and customizable to the nth degree to meet your needs. More importantly, the team at LASER Credit will bend over backwards to support you.”

-Ryan, Insurance Consultant

Supercharge Your Decision-Making

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LASER Credit Access

The LASER Credit Access App gives you an easy, reliable, and highly effective way to download credit reports and seamlessly integrate the information directly into Salesforce. Supercharge your decision-making with customized real-time data like never before! Join the thousands of user that have accessed millions of credit reports using LASER Credit Access.

50+ Five-Star Reviews

LASER Credit Access
LASER Business Credit

LASER Business Credit

Just like LASER Credit Access, the LASER Business Credit App gives you an easy, reliable, and highly effective way to download credit reports ​Business credit reports and seamlessly integrate the information directly into Salesforce. Get Business information, Risk Scores, Days beyond Terms, and a whole lot more.

LASER Business Credit
LASER Business Credit

LASER Financial Account Access

The LASER Financial Account Access pulls comprehensive Plaid reports containing bank statements, historical transactions, and more directly into Salesforce. After receiving authorization, users can quickly view key points of informations like NSFs, Deposits, Average Balances, and more from a custom component, broken down by account type!

LASER Business Credit
LASER Credit Attributes

LASER Credit Attributes

LASER Credit Attributes will add thousands of credit attribute to each credit report accessed, or credit reports you have already download credit reports using the LASER Credit Access App. You determine the attributes you use or would like to use in your risk evaluation process. Then, using our new Rules Engine, you can set automation on what to do next; whether it be an initial approval or an immediate decline.

LASER Enterprise Edition

New Apps Coming Soon:

LASER Enterprise Edition

LASER Enterprise Edition

Now put it all together… Send a request to download credit reports for all guarantors and related businesses at one time. In seconds, the business and guarantor data is returned, and attributes you selected are assigned. Using the Rules Engine, you can create automation that considers all of the personal credit, business credit, and bank statement data – drilling down to the smallest of details – all in seconds. Using Einstein Predict®, you can see what has happened with similar transactions having specific characteristic, and get a real time view of the transactions that were approved, in addition to transactions that had issues with repayment.

LASER Enterprise Edition



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