Accelerate Your Success

You’re the problem-solver for the many clients you serve…

You’re on the go and working hard to ensure that each client has a great experience with the solutions you recommend. When you’re deciding on a credit reporting solution that integrates with Salesforce, the solution you choose has to get it right every time. Your clients depend on you. Otherwise, they experience frustrating delays that hold up efficiency, and you can’t have that. The decisions you make about the solutions you trust are essential to your success and the success of your clients.

You need a solution that’s user-friendly, customizable, and comes with ultra-responsive support. From Credit Bureau setup to implementation, the process needs to happen accurately and efficiently. Making the right choice of provider means the difference between a thrilled client and a very unhappy one.

Having a team behind you with the experience working with a multitude of use cases involving credit data and credit source what LASER Credit Access is all about. For nearly a decade (and over 2,500,000 credit reports and lots of 5-star reviews!), we’ve been providing Salesforce Consultants a user-friendly, dependable, and customizable solution for download credit reports that seamlessly integrate into Salesforce. Imagine being able to automatically download credit reports accurate, compliant, and data rich credit reports in a mere 10 seconds. Our intuitive app does that and more!

The LASER Credit Access Apps give your clients the freedom to:

– Use Consumer or Business Credit Data
– Easily automate their soft or hard download credit reports, saving them time and resources.
– Erase human error, giving them peace of mind and confidence in their decision making.

Utilize meaningful metrics for greater insights into their clients and customers, including:

  • Credit scores and score factors
  • Drill down into specific trade accounts
  • Payment Patterns
  • Public records
  • Inquiries and detail
  • OFAC or other regulatory products
  • Employment data

We know how important a reliable and quickly integrated solution is for the client-centered work you do. When you’re ready for a trusted solution, your LASER Credit Access team is here to help. We’ll take care of everything from Credit Bureau setup to implementation with ultra-responsive support every step of the way!

Lets set up a screenshare to start the process: