Score Models, Purpose Codes, and Fraud Products

Here are all the score models for the three main bureaus. These are important to note when filling out forms to pull credit reports.

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Purpose Codes

Purpose Code Description
AR Intends to use the information as a potential investor, servicer, or current insurer in connection with a valuation of, or assessment of, the credit or prepayment risks.
BF A deposit account information service company, which issues reports regarding account closures due to fraud, substantial overdrafts, ATM abuse, or similar negative information regarding a consumer, to inquiring banks or other financial institutions for use only in reviewing a consumer request for a deposit account at the inquiring bank or financial institution.
BN A legitimate business need in connection with a business transaction that is initiated by the consumer.
CF In connection with a credit transaction where medical information is relevant to the credit transaction and where the consumer provides specific written consent that describes in clear and conspicuous language the use for which any medical information will be furnished.
CI In accordance with written instructions of the consumer to whom it relates.
CL In connection with a collection transaction involving the consumer for the collection of an account of the consumer.
CP In response to an agency administering a state plan under Section 454 of the Social Security Act (42 U.S.C. 654) for use to set an initial or modified child support award.
CR In accordance with written instructions of the consumer through a reseller.
CS In response to a request by the head of a state or local child support enforcement agency (or a state or local government official authorized by the head of such an agency) that has met all requirements of Section 604(a)(4)(A,B,C,D).
CT In connection with a credit transaction involving the consumer and for the extension of credit or review or collection of an account of the consumer.
EF For employment purposes where medical information is relevant to the employment transaction and where the consumer provides specific written consent that describes in clear and conspicuous language the use for which any medical information will be furnished.
EP For employment purposes with written authorization.
GF In connection with a determination of eligibility for a license or other benefit granted by a governmental instrument required by law to consider financial responsibility or status.
GR Use falling under FCRA Section 608 – Disclosures to Governmental Agencies.
HC The Texas Health and Human Services Commission acting under Section 531.102 Government Code (Investigations and Enforcement Office).
HS If the end user of the consumer report is the California State Department of Health Services or its agents or assignees acting to investigate Medi-Cal fraud.
IM In connection with the underwriting of insurance and the consumer affirmatively consents to the release of any medical information contained on the consumer’s file.
IN In connection with the underwriting of insurance.
IS In connection with an insurance claim where written permission of the consumer has been obtained.
MS Any person or entity administering a credit file monitoring subscription service to which the consumer has subscribed.
NE A person holding a license issued by the Nevada Gaming Commission pursuant to Title 41 of the Nevada Revised Statutes — or the subsidiary, affiliate, agent, assignee, or prospective assignee of that person — for purposes relating to any activities conducted pursuant to the license.
PC In connection with pre-screen back end verification that determines if the consumer who accepts prescreen firm offers still meets the specific criteria.
PR In connection with the review of existing policy holders for insurance underwriting purposes.
PY For a legitimate business need in connection with a transaction initiated by the consumer for the approval or processing of negotiable instruments, EFTs, or similar methods of payment through a check, fraud prevention, or deposit account information service.
RA A legitimate business needs to review an account to determine whether the consumer continues to meet the terms of the account.
RP Any person or entity for the purpose of providing a consumer with a copy of his or her credit report upon the consumer’s request.
SI In response to the order of a court having jurisdiction or a subpoena issued by a federal grand jury (1).
SP If the end user is any state or local agency, law enforcement, trial court, or private collection agency acting on a court order, warrant, or subpoena.
TB End user is the California Franchise Tax Board or its agents or assignees investigating or collecting delinquent taxes or unpaid court orders or to fulfill any of its statutory responsibilities.
TS In connection with a tenant screen application involving the consumer.
TX The Texas Comptroller acting to investigate or collect delinquent sales or franchise taxes, or a tax assessor-collector acting to investigate or collect delinquent ad valorem taxes.
VF Vermont Department of Prevention, Assistance, Transition, and Health Access or its agents or assignee acting to investigate Medicaid fraud.
VT Vermont Department of Taxes, municipal taxing authorities, or the Department of Motor Vehicles or any of their agents or assignees, acting to investigate or collect delinquent taxes or assessments, including interest and penalties, unpaid court orders, or to fulfill any of their other statutory or charter responsibilities.
WS Washington Department of Social and Health Services acting to fulfill any of its statutory responsibilities.

Purpose Code



To acquire/service/insure account


Written Authorization




Child Support


Written Authorization


Child Support


Credit Transaction




Government License or Benefit


Insurance Underwriting


Insurance Underwriting


Account Review


Court Order/Subpoena


Tenant Screening


Governmental Agency use


Fraud Prevention/Detection


Consumer Dispute Resolution


Consumer Benefit Purposes


Law Enforcement


Insurance with Consumer Request


Fiduciary Capacity


Authorized Transaction Related


Commercial – individual


Commercial – individual


Credit Transaction with Medical Information


Employment with Medical Information


Insurance Underwriting with Medical Information


Direct to Consumer with Medical Information


Written authorization, consumer consent – bankruptcy filing purposes


Credit transaction on an automobile, truck or motorcycle


Credit transaction on automotive repair


Credit transaction on automotive parts, tires, etc


Credit transaction on a boat or recreational vehicle


Credit transaction on farm equipment


Credit transaction on a mortgage loan origination


Credit transaction on a mortgage loan refinancing


Credit transaction on a home equity loan line of credit


Credit transaction on a personal loan


Credit transaction on a credit card


Credit transaction on home furnishings


Credit transaction on general contracting / home improvement


Credit transaction on air conditioning / heating / plumbing or electrical


Credit transaction on lumber / building materials / hardware


Credit transaction on hospitalization / medical care / dental care


Credit transaction on personal services


Credit transaction on home heating oil / fuel


Credit transaction on telephone / electrical / gas / water utilities household garbage removal


Credit transaction on wholesale goods


Consumer copy of credit report or credit score


Credit file or credit score monitoring service


Housing counseling agency

Purpose Code Description
00 Auto
01 Unsecured
02 Secured
03 Partially Secured
04 Home Improvement
05 FHA Home Improvement Loan
06 Installment Sales Contract
07 Charge Account
08 Real Estate
09 Loan Secured by Co-Signer
0A Time Share
0B Consumer Inquiry
0C Factoring Company
0D Social Search – Permissible for Employment Purpose
0E Subscriber Numeric Inquiry
0F Construction Loan
10 Business Loan
11 Recreational Merchandise
12 Education
13 Lease
14 Co-signer (not borrower)
15 Line of Credit
16 FHA Co-signer (not borrower)
17 Mobile Home
18 Credit Card
19 FHA Real Estate Mortgage
1A Lender Placed Insurance
1B Legitimate Business Purpose
1C Purchase of Household Goods
1D Address Update Permissible for Employment Purposes
1F E-Verify (Customer)
20 Note Loan
21 Note Loan with Co-Signer
22 Secured by Household Goods
23 Secured by Household Goods / Other Collateral
25 VA Real Estate Mortgage
26 Conventional Real Estate Mortgage
27 Real Estate Mortgage (usually a 2nd)
29 Rental Agreement
2A Secured Credit Card
2B Response to Subpoena
2C Real Estate Mortgage, Farmers Home Administration (FMHA)
2D Utility Company Review
2E Initial Request NX
2F Public Assistance
30 Summary of Accounts Same Status
31 Unknown – Extension of credit, review, or collection
32 Bankruptcy Notification
33 Manual Mortgage
34 Debt Counseling Service
35 Employment
36 Quest
37 Combined Credit Plan
38 Prescreen
39 Consumer Assistance Disclosure
3A Auto Lease
3B Administrative Inquiry
3C Licensing CA & NV Legal Requirement
3D Colorado Negative Notification
3E Disclosure Free – Employment
3F Pre-Qualification Consent
40 Skip Locate Notice Logged
42 Account Monitor
43 Debit Card
44 Bullseye – Data Correction Profile
45 Address Verification
46 Address Update Permissible Purpose
47 Credit Line Secured
48 Collection Dept./Agency/Attorney
49 Insurance
4A CAPS Free
4B Instant Prescreen Program
4C Credit Valuation & Risk Assessment
4D Cellular Phone
4E Disclosure Free – Public Assistance
4F Tax Collection
50 Family Support – Not for use by resellers
51 Credentials (CSI)
52 Credentials (CSI)
53 Business Credit Quest
53 Business Credit Prescreen
5A R.E. – Jr Liens and Non-Purchase Money First
5B Second Mortgage
5C Checking or Savings/Possible Additional Offers
5D Numeric Inquiry NX Disclosure
5E Disclosure Free – Fraud
65 Government Guaranteed Unsecured Loan
66 Government Guaranteed Secured Loan
67 Government Direct Unsecured Loan
68 Government Direct Secured Loan
69 Government Grant
6A Commercial Installment Loan
6B Commercial Mortgage
6C Credit Granting/Possible Additional Offers
6D Home Equity
6E Disclosure – Paid Fee
6H Mortgage Underwriting Review
70 Government Overpayment
71 Government Fine
72 Government Fee for Service
73 Government Employee Advance
74 Government Miscellaneous Debt
75 Government Benefit
77 Returned Check
78 Installment Loan
79 Social Search Permissible Purpose
7A Commercial Line of Credit
7B Agriculture
7C Service Activation
7D PIN Point Address Permissible Purpose
7E Disclosure – NCAC Authentication
80 File Comparison Inquiry
81 Social Search Non-Permissible Purpose
82 Address Update Non-Permissible Purpose
83 Prescreen/Extract Post-Prescreen Inquiry
84 Consumer Assistance Display
85 Bi-Monthly Mortgage Payment
86 Automated Mortgage Report
87 Semi-Monthly Mortgage Payment
88 Administrative Support
89 Home Equity Line of Credit
8A Business Credit Card
8B Deposit Related
8D PIN Point Address Non-Permissible Purpose
8E Disclosure – On Behalf Of
90 Medical Debt
91 Debt Consolidation
92 Utility Company
93 Child Support – Not for use by resellers
94 Spouse Support – Not for use by resellers
95 Attorney Fees
96 Checking Account
97 Demand Deposit Account
98 Credit Granting
99 Account Management
9A Secured Home Improvement
9B Business Line Personally Guaranteed
9D PIN Point Address
9E Disclosure – Free State

Fraud Products

  • Fraud Shield OR Fraud Shield & Score
  • OFAC
  • Social Search
  • Level One Authentication
  • Precise ID Score
  • High Risk Fraud Alert
  • Trace
  • DTEC

Score Models

  • FICO 08 (RM-AF)
  • Fair Isaac v3 (RM-AA)
  • Fair Isaac v2 (RM-F)
  • Fair Isaac (RM-I)
  • FICO Advanced v2 (RM-M2)
  • FICO Bankruptcy (RM-FB)
  • FICO 08/Auto (RM-AG)
  • FICO v3/Auto (RM-AB)
  • FICO v2/Auto (RM-V)
  • FICO/Auto (RM-7)
  • FICO/Installment (RM-6)
  • MDS Bankruptcy (RM-B)
  • Bankruptcy PLUS (RM-BP)
  • Bankruptcy Watch (RM-5)
  • National Equivalency (RM-4)
  • National Risk Model (RM-3)
  • VantageScore (RM-Q)
  • Income Insight (RM-II)
  • Income Insight W2 (RM-IW)
  • Enhanced DAS
  • Non-Geo BNI ’99 (02502)
  • Bankruptcy Nav Idx 3.0 (02782)
  • Bankruptcy Nav Idx 3.0 Calibrated (02784)
  • Pinnacle 2.0 (02825)
  • Pinnacle 2.0 – FACT (02906)
  • VantageScore (02978)
  • FICO Classic 08 (00Q88)
  • FICO Classic 04 (00P02)
  • FICO Classic 98 (00950)
  • FICO Classic 95 (00002)
  • Delphi (00501)
  • FICO NextGen 03 (00R82)
  • FICO NextGen 00 (00227)
  • TU New Account 2.0 (00R59)
  • TU New Account (00219)
  • FICO Bankruptcy 03 (00X46)
  • FICO Bankruptcy 98 (00601)
  • TU Bankruptcy (00896)
  • VantageScore (00P94)