Installation in Lightning - Step 2

Information on getting started with LASER Credit Access.

STEP 2: Page Layout – Personal Credit Report

Now we will select the page layout based on the credit bureau you are using. Start by clicking on “Setup”. NOTE: The location of this may differ based on the nature of your account (so it may not be where it is shown in the screenshot below). Please contact Salesforce if you are not sure where your setup options are located.

Click on “Object manager”.
Scroll down the page to find “Personal Credit Report” or filter the list of objects, then click on the label.

Click on “Page Layouts” and then on “Page Layout Assignment”.

Click on “Edit Assignment”.
Select the profile that you want to edit the assignment on.
Select the credit report that you would like the selected profile to be able to generate. Then click “Save”. Repeat with additional profiles if you desire (this can also be done at another time).
You’re now ready to move on to the next step. Click the button to proceed.