Installation - Step 5

Information on getting started with LASER Credit Access.

STEP 5: Generate Credit Report

In order to generate a credit report it’s mandatory that you’ve entered the contact’s name, social security number, and mailing address.

As you may recall, when we first created a contact back in Step 3, we only entered their name and address. We were not able to add a social security number because we didn’t have that field yet. Now that we have added the Social Security Number field (Step 4), we need to go back to the contact we created and add their social security number from the table displayed at the bottom of Step 3. Click HERE to go to that table, highlight and copy the applicable social security number, then use your browser’s Back button to return here (or use the “Jump to step” navigation at the top of the page).

With the contact record open, click “Edit”.

Now enter or paste the social security number from the chart at the bottom of Step 3. Please remember that YOU decided where this field would be located back in Step 4, so the field may not be located where it is shown in the screenshot below.

Click “Save”.

Now that all of the mandatory information has been added to the contact’s record, we can go ahead and pull a credit report.

Click the Get Credit Data Button and choose if you want it to go directly to the credit report or to the contact or lead object.

Click on Retrieve Data

Important Note

If you are going to run Credit Reports under a user that doesn’t have the System Admin Profile, you should assign to this user the “LASER Credit Access” permission set in order to provide access to all managed objects.

A spinner will appear and then the credit report or direct you back to the object.
If directed back to the object you will find the report on the Personal Credit Report Related list
That’s it! You’ve now successfully installed LASER Credit Access and pulled a sample credit report.

If you have any additional question, please feel free to Contact Us.