Installation - Step 3

Information on getting started with LASER Credit Access.

STEP 3: Create Account & Contact

In order to complete this step you will need to use some mock information. Please use information in the chart at the bottom of the page for this purpose. Do NOT create your own information.
Now let’s get started by going to the “Accounts” tab and clicking on “New”.
On the next screen, click “Continue”.
Name your new account “LASER Credit Access” and then click “Save”.
Now it’s time to add your new contact.Hover over “Contacts” and then click on “New Contact”.
Now, using the information in the Testcases table at the bottom of the page, enter the contact’s name and address into the appropriate fields and then click “Save”.
You’re now ready to move on to the next step. Click the button to proceed.

Mock Testcase Information

NameSocial Security NumberMailing StreetMailing CityMailing State/ProvinceMailing Zip/Postal Code
Testcase, Carlos*****000610-123 Main St. NWMonterealQCH3Z2Y7
Testcase, David*****0002504 N GRANDVIEW STANTHILLMO65488
Testcase, Janet*****000319 Forest DrANTHILLMO65488
Testcase, Joseph*****000413743 Bluewater CircleAntillMo65488
Testcase, Luis*****00095002 Banner CtANTHILLMO65488
Testcase, Maria*****00055524 EASTBOURNE DRANTHILLMO65488
Testcase, Marisol*****0001220 LOCUST AVEANTHILLMO65488
Testcase, Melinda*****0010854 GrindstoneANTHILLMO65488
Testcase, Nicole*****00078315 Bunker Hill RdANTHILLMO65488
Testcase, SARAH*****0008171 GLENWOOD DRANTHILLMO65488