Frequently asked questions

Do you sell credit reports?

No, we do not sell credit reports. We simply provide the seamless integration and connection between your credit provider and Salesforce. However, we do work with a number of credit resellers and can likely get you a reduced cost per report!

Is your app charged per User?

No! All of our subscriptions are site-wide licenses, billed monthly. This means that you can have unlimited users downloading and evaluating credit using our applications, and only pay one flat rate!

How long does it take to run a credit report within Salesforce?

Our application typically takes between 8 and 10 seconds to run a report. This can change based on your credit provider, network connection, Salesforce Org speed, etc.

Do I have to re-run a credit report in my LOS after downloading it in Salesforce?

No! For most LOS’s, you can download up the same credit report that you already ran in Salesforce by using the file number – so you do not have to pay for the same report twice.

Do you work directly with Experian, Equifax, and/or TransUnion… or do I have to use a CRA (Credit Reporting Agency)?

Yes we do work directly with all three credit bureaus, so you do not have to use a CRA. We also work with almost every CRA in the United States – so whomever you get your reports from – we can bring them into Salesforce.

Can I run single, dual, and/or tri-merge reports using the LASER Credit Access app?

Yes! You can download single, dual, or tri-merge reports into Salesforce using the LASER Credit Access app. Per-click pricing varies based on which kind of report you are downloading into Salesforce.

Does the application work with borrower and co-borrower relationships?

Yes! In the case of a borrower and co-borrower (spouse, partner, etc) relationship, our application aggregates and consolidates the data from both borrowers into one composed report, which saves time so you don’t have to flip flop back and forth between the two reports.

Do you work with Canadian credit reports?

Yes! We do work with Canadian credit reports; However, it is important to note that Equifax requires you to have a location/address/branch located on US soil in order to access Canadian credit reports. TransUnion on the other hand does not have this requirement, and can allow Canadian credit report access with locations based in Canada and/or the US.

Which business credit providers do you work with for the LASER Business Credit application?

We currently work with Experian Premier Profile and Equifax PayNet, however are always looking to add more business credit providers and would be happy to hear your recommendations.

What does the error message “No Record Found” mean?

“No record found” means that, with the given information on the consumer, no “match” or “hit” has been found by the credit bureau. We advise you to try using a prior address, middle name, or calling the credit bureau and see what information they have on the consumer.

Can a credit report be run without a SSN?

Yes it can! A SSN is not required to run a credit report. However, not having one does decrease the chances of getting a hit or match with the credit bureaus.

Our company runs hard and soft credit pulls. Can you do both?

Yes we can! Our app uses your subscriber codes to download both hard and soft credit inquiries into Salesforce, depending on how you set up your account with the bureaus/CRA.