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Does a SSN have to be used?
No, however you would need to let us know so we can enable that option. All zero’s must be entered into the SSN field. For testing you must use the SSN given.
Can a soft pull as well as a hard pull be requested?
Yes, as long as your company has permissible purpose for a soft inquiry.
What does the error of “No Record Found” mean?
With the information given there is no match or hit with the credit bureau. We suggest you contact the credit bureau to see what they have on file.
What is a reorder limit?
Reorder limit is set as a standard at 30 days unless notified otherwise . This means that a user cannot order more than one report on a consumer in 30 days. Only a copy of the original report will be issued. If a company has decided to not use a SSN than the reorder limit is set at zero and a new report will be issued if requested every time.
What can I do if I get a message that says the consumers credit has been frozen?
First contact the consumer to have their credit unfrozen by the bureau. Once confirmed that their credit is unfrozen please add to the contact or lead page layout the field called “Bypass Duplicate Detection”. Check that box and hit save. Then run report. This will allow you to obtain a new report, not just a copy of the frozen credit report.
Can batch pulls be done?
Yes we have that functionality.
Can the app pull into Salesforce Business Reports?
No but we have developed a new app for Business Reports that will be available very soon.
We want to run Trimerge reports. Do we have to use a Credit Reporting Agency?
Yes we believe it is best practice to use a credit reporting agency for tri merge reports. Please contact us for a list of those we work with.
Is the app available for Professional Edition of Salesforce?
Yes but the app is limited due to Professional Edition limited custom fields for Objects. Please contact us for more information on this.
Can it cause issues if we have a special character in our Company name profile in Salesforce. Such as a ampersand ?
Yes any special characters like “ ‘ & <> will cause a error of xml file invalid if in the company’s profile name.
When creating process builders around the app is their anything to keep in mind?
Yes Keep in mind that Credit report process when you hit the button to send a credit report the data is sent to the bureaus.
At that moment the shell of the two objects the credit report log and the credit report object are created without any data.
Once the credit report data is returned the two objects are completed.
If you create a process builder that start when the credit report object is created, that process will interfere with the App saving the data to the two objects.
You will get an insert/update error.
To make this work, create a process builder to start when the credit report log status field equals completed. 
This will keep from getting any errors.
Can I create a Custom Permission Set?


It is even necessary for the Laser Credit Access versions below 4.40 as the Salesforce Winter ’21 release restricts access to Apex Aura methods, which were previously available.

In the latest versions, there are 2 Permission Sets – Laser Credit Access User and Laser Credit Access Admin.

This can be done as follows (the example is given for providing Apex Classes Access).

1. Go to Salesforce Setup, in the quick find box type in Permission Sets.


2. Next go to New.
Give it a label: LASER Credit Access (or whatever you would like).


3. It will then take you to the Permission Set Overview. Select Apex Class Access, then Edit.

4. This will show all the Apex Classes, select all of the Apex Classes that have the Prefix LASERCA.

5. Click Save.

6. You will then need to assign users that need access to LASER Credit Access.
Go to Manage Assignments.

7. Click Add Assignments, select all the users and save.

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