LASER Credit Attributes

Adds hundreds of credit attributes to each credit report accessed, or credit reports you have already downloaded using LASER Credit Access. You determine the attributes you use or would like to use in your risk evaluation process. Then, using our new Rules Engine, you can set automation on what to do next; whether it be an initial approval or an immediate decline.

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How It Works

Credit Attributes

Select from a list of pre-configured attributes or develop attributes by; Credit loan type, account type, Account status and 1,000’s of additional variations. The next step is creating rules for each variable…

Credit Rules

After selecting your attributes, you then fill in the variables. For example, Revolving trade accounts with (X) or more (Y)-day late payments over the last (Z)-months, where X, Y, and Z are custom variables according to your credit policy.

Credit Rule Collections

Lastly, create a credit rule collection by putting a group of credit rules together and adding logic to evaluate those rules. Once a credit report is run, the credit rules and rule collections will create an immediate outcome according to your policy. You can also decision multiple rule collections at once in a collection set!

A Deeper Look:


With a custom-created list of over 1,000 credit attributes, the possibilities are endless.

Starting with the selection of attributes you wish to use, you can drill down into the fine details of an applicant’s credit history to ensure credit policy standards are met, as well as leverage historic data to evaluate how your credit policy performed over a period of time. This allows you to fine-tune your credit policy, potentially approve more deals, and reduce losses.

This is where the customization happens. Using your selected attributes, you can precisely build them to suit your Company’s credit policy.

With fully editable variables, the number of possibilities clocks in at well over 10,000 perfectly tailored attributes.

All this is done on our configuration page, making the experience clean and intentional


Rule Collections

After creation of the credit rules based on attributes, you can group these rules into “Rule Collections”.

Rule collections can be created for different loan products, pricing guidelines, record types, or any other need for separate credit evaluation. You can also go back and assign a different rule collection to evaluate the deal again. One click of a button (or automatically), and you have the credit report downloaded and credit rules evaluated. You can also group rule collections together into collection sets, and run a report against all of them at once. This can reduce the number of transaction going into credit and being declined – and makes sure identical loans are scored identically.

The Results:

Identical Loans Scored Identically

Clear and concise, the results of the
decision engine you created are
displayed by an elegant Custom
Component on whichever Salesforce
Object you would like. They return one
of 3 results – Accepted, Warning, or
a scoring gradient. These results are color-
coded for rapid processing by your Loan
Officer, and give detail regarding how the
conclusion was derived and why it came
to be.

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