LASER Credit Attributes

Want to get more out of your credit report?

Adds hundreds of credit attributes to each credit report accessed, or credit reports you have already pulled using LASER Credit Access. You determine the attributes you use or would like to use in your risk evaluation process. Then, using our new Rules Engine, you can set automation on what to do next; whether it be an initial approval or an immediate decline.

How It Works

You get more consistent credit descisions.

  • You can now get more insight into your borrower’s credit behavior using LASER Credit Access Attributes.
  • You create the attributes that are most important to your credit policy, in a much deeper dive into the credit data – without the time it would take to do this manually.
  • Create as many as you’d like, then create credit rules using your desired attributes.
  • To further enhance your decision, create multiple rules to be used together. We call that a credit rule bundle.
  • This can allow you to potentially approve more deals without more risk.
  • If you have been using LASER Credit Access, you can run past credit reports through the attributes, credit rules and credit rule bundles to analyze your prior decisions. Without ordering anew credit report.
  • All of this can be used with Einstein predict to evaluate new transactions when given an approval ratio from past transactions.

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