LASER Credit Access

gives you an easy, reliable, and highly effective way to Download credit reports and seamlessly integrate that information directly into Salesforce. Supercharge your decision-making with customized real-time data like never before! Join the thousands of user that have accessed millions of credit reports using LASER Credit Access.

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  • Over 2,500,000+ Credit Reports downloaded into Salesforce®
  • Over 35 integrations including Experian™, Equifax®, TransUnion®, and more…
  • A Top 10 Finance App on the Salesforce AppExchange®

How It Works

It’s as simple as three easy steps to have you set up and downloading credit reports into Salesforce immediatly! Whether you’re a business lender, non-profit, or mortgage lender, see how you could be automating your process today…

1. Getting to Know You

We set up a quick meeting to discuss:

  • Your use case
  • Your Credit Provider
  • Specific credit attributes you wish to implement
  • Your desired automation processes

2. Sandbox to Production Setup

We get your setup going in a Sandbox for testing, then upon approval we deploy to your Production Org.

  • Usually takes between 1 and 2 days
  • Setup Fees vary depending on complexity
  • We will work with you every step of the way

3. Start downloading Credit Reports!

Start downloading reports directly into Salesforce:

  • Keep and store data all safely within
  • Build automation surround report data
  • Set triggers alerting lenders of key data points
  • Get a fast yes or no on lending decisions

LASER Credit Access will:

  • Automate the credit downloading process to run in 10 seconds
  • Seamlessly integrate reports with Salesforce® and the other tech you need
  • downloads both soft and hard reports and guarantees accurate information
  • Customizes reporting so you feel confident in your decsion making
  • Scale with you as your business grows
  • Handle the entire process from implementation to integration and beyond
  • Provide ultra-responsive customer support
  • Function as a trusted partner of yours, offering service every step of the way


Monthly Site License

$199.00 / Month

  • Includes a 14-Day free Trial
  • The monthly subscription is a site license, with no limit on the number of users
  • No contract period, just month-to-month billing
  • Charges are billed to the credit card you have on file with Salesforce AppExchange
  • Non-Profits discounted to $129.00 / Month

Credit Report Access Cost

$0.75 / Per Report*

  • There is a per-report charge for each credit report ordered – based on several factors:
    • Which credit provider(s) you use
    • Type of report ran (Single, Dual Merge, or Tri-Merge)
    • Monthly volume
    • Services used
  • OFAC Status is available at no additional charge
  • LASER Credit Access does not sell credit data. We provide the access to your current credit provider

*Cost may vary based on the above

So what are you waiting for?

Join the thousands of users downloading credit data into
Salesforce® today!