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Top Salesforce Apps for Money Lending Businesses

by | Oct 14, 2021

Applying for a loan usually signifies a major event in a consumer’s life. It could mean buying a house, a new car or paying for college. Borrowing money gives stress to other people. Therefore, money lending companies make sure they provide a seamless experience for their customers. This establishes trust and encourages repeat transactions. Salesforce apps come in handy during situations like this.

Different Salesforce apps that you can use

Salesforce apps help transform complex and slow-moving lending processes into more efficient ones. They also change the way money lending companies handle operations. They help increase efficiency across their business, thereby resulting in enhanced borrower experiences.

Take a look at the list of the top Salesforce apps for money lending businesses.

CL Loan

CL Loan  is a loan servicing application that makes loan billing, accounting, collections, and payments automated. It uses a secure platform to easily manage portfolios and increase the volume of transactions accommodated. With CL Loan, money lending companies are given the ability to configure settings so that they can update existing services or offerings. It also provides complete control of lending products so the users can create any loan type they want to offer. And because it automates customer payment, billing, collections and accounting, a company can maximize their financial and operational performance with minimum risk.

Prizm Lending Suite

Prizm Lending Suite is the application designed for every modern day lender. It allows money lending businesses to launch products and handle complex processes fast. It uses a single platform to handle processes for various types of lending products. By increasing efficiency in your financial operations, Prizm Lending Suite helps grow your lending portfolio as it allows you to increase productivity, close more deals, and reduce operational costs. This software also ensures accuracy because it provides your employees accurate information. This helps guarantee that your customers are served in the most effective way.

A key feature of the software is the ability to configure different lending products with various pricing, multiple fees and contract templates.  You can also automate decisions by leveraging on the power of the rule engine. It also has built-in calculators that can apply and perform advanced calculations and a lot more!

CL Originate

CL Originate is an application that allows financial institutions to stay competitive in the market through effective loan file management, auto-decisioning, workflows, parties management, credit analysis, credit memo and more! This software gives any money lending business the ability to streamline their underwriting processes and origination which results in faster decisions and lower costs. It also has the ability to create different online lending products that can meet your customer’s needs. With CL Originate, financial operations and transactions become a lot faster. Manual tasks across departments get automated. It ensures that the users gather the required documents and completes their tasks. Changes are also easy to implement so that you conform to the existing business operations.

Laser Credit Access

Laser Credit Access is an important software that money lending companies shouldn’t miss. It allows for accurate and efficient access to credit report data. It partners with the leading providers of credit data such as Equifax, Experian, TransUnion, and Meridian Link. By using this software, expect improvements in your workflow. It reduces and eliminates tedious and time-consuming tasks during the credit report process.

Some of the benefits of using this app include the reduction of time to review a credit report. It also eradicates potential errors from transferring credit data and makes them a permanent part of the Salesforce Record.

Also, Laser Credit Access no longer requires you to log in to a separate website. There won’t be any need to re-type customer information to make crucial decisions. In short, the entire process of gathering and reviewing credit data is reduced. It will make your financial operations more efficient and customer-friendly.

Think about all the benefits your company can get from using Laser Credit Access, especially when it comes to making faster and better decisions. If you think this is one of the Salesforce apps you need in your money lending business, please do not hesitate to give us a call or visit Laser Credit Access.

Top Salesforce Apps for Money Lending Businesses

Oct 14, 2021

Applying for a loan usually signifies a major event in a consumer’s life. It could mean buying a house, a new car or paying for college. Borrowing money gives stress to other people…